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Divorce Mediation Consultation Program -
Project Statistics

2017 Statistics: 

All parties who have minor children and who file for a divorce without an attorney are ordered to attend this informational meeting regarding the use of mediation for their divorce.  Meetings are generally held every three weeks or so, on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m., at the Main Branch of the Vigo County Public Library.

In 2017, the Vigo County Clerk’s office sent 145 referral forms to the DRC indicating that 145 pro se cases involving minor children had been filed in Vigo County.  The DMCP held 17 informational meetings in 20167  There were 145 attendees.

Of the 145 attendees, 108 reported that the program was very effective, 15 reported that it was average in its effectiveness, and 0 reported that it was not very effective.  68 reported that they were interested in using mediation or were interested in learning more about mediation.  45 reported that they were not sure what they were going to do about mediation, and 7reported that mediation would not be helpful or useful to them.

The DRC does not track the number of attendees that ultimately utilized mediation to resolve the issues in their divorce.  Nonetheless, this writer is personally aware of at least 23 mediated cases in 2017 that originated from the DMCP program in the same year.

In summary, it can be concluded that the DMCP informational sessions are accomplishing what they set out to do, as reported by the attendees.  The progression from informational session to mediation to agreement continues to be exciting. Those who have used mediation are encouraged and advise that they tell everyone that they know how satisfied they are with using mediation to handle the issues in their divorce.  The concept of mediation seems to be solidifying in Vigo County and the DMCP program continues to promote the successful use of mediation in Vigo County.

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